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Mineral Water - Kokorokiyomizu

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Brought to you straight from Ise. Perfect for gifts: Kokorokiyomizu, mineral water from Ise that your body will love, The revitalizing, clear streams of Ise

Three characteristics of Kokorokiyomizu

No. 1: Natural water sourced from Ise

Kokorokiyomizu is slowly and carefully processed in the Ise village of Kahada, yielding the mineral-rich water that becomes Kokorokiyomizu.

Although there are many delicious waters in Japan, the vast majority of regional waters are soft waters. Due to violent seismic movement and fast flows, these waters have less time to absorb minerals from underground, and it is rare to find a “hard” water rich in minerals such as Kokorokiyomizu.

Mineral Water - Kokorokiyomizu

No. 2: Some of the most mineral-rich water in Japan

Kokorokiyomizu is recommended for a generation experiencing increasing Westernization of diets and a tendency to lack sufficient minerals gained from food alone.

Mineral Water - Kokorokiyomizu

No. 3: Can be enjoyed as an ingredient in all kinds of dishes

Since Kokorokiyomizu is a “hard” water, with a high mineral content, it can be enjoyed as an ingredient not only in Western dishes such as meats and pastas, but also for steaming rice and brewing coffee and tea, as well as mixing water with other drinks.

Hard water is also believed to be generally useful for the replenishing of the body’s mineral stores after exercise. Those unused to hard water are advised to rehydrate in several steps, rather than all at once.

Mineral Water - Kokorokiyomizu

Perfect as a gift!

A rare Japanese-sourced mineral-rich hard water.


  • A gift from a layer of the Earth formed over 300 million years ago
  • Mineral water carefully processed in the Ise village of Kahada
  • Natural water sourced from limestone caves deep underground

For safe and healthful water

Our inspection system

About our bottling process

放射能検査結果 細菌検査結果 水質検査結果

Nutritional information (per 100-ml serving)

Energy 0kcal
Protein 0g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
Sodium 0.51mg
(Salt equivalent 0.001g)
Calcium 9.00mg
Magnesium 0.71mg
Potassium 0.14mg
Acidity (pH) 7.5
Hardness 254mg/ℓ

*Hardness standards are based on World Health Organization (WHO) standards


About this product

Place of origin Iitaka-cho, Matsusaka-shi, Mie Prefecture
JAN Code 4571489170028 (Kokorokiyomizu 330 ml)
4571489170004 (Kokorokiyomizu 500 ml)
4571489170035 (Kokorokiyomizu 1 L)
4571489170011 (Kokorokiyomizu 2 L)
Expiration date Unopened product is good for two year after production.
Please refrigerate and consume the product promptly after opening.